A little trip to Paris: Day 2

My head is a huge black hole everytime I am trying to study & memorize things.
So instead of focusing on my sociology exam, I'd rather share some more Paris pictures with you.

On our second day we started off with a long walk to Monmartre, my favourite place in Europe. We climbed approximately 4000 stairs to get to the top, but once we reached Sacre Coeur, it was all worth it. As I said before, I am not a church person at all, but this one is beautiful. Still, couldn't be bothered to wait in line to get into a church (I really do not get it. At all.).

The actual highlight of Montmartre is 'place du tertre'. Back in the day Montmartre was the center of modern art (when Picasso used to live here) and still, a lot of painters and artist come here everyday with their easles and paint right at the center of Montmartre. It's beautiful.
We decided on a nice sunny spot outside a coffee shop to have breakfast while watching the artists do their magic, it's surreal and delightful.


Now, I could have spend the entire day there without the feeling of wasting one second, but it was our last day, train was to leave at 6 and M. wanted to see the Eiffel tower in daylight. So we took a metro into the center and walked some more towards the tower.

And thus ended our very short, very fantastic trip to Paris. (Not before we had the best Lebanese food though. THE BEST.)


  1. i love your photos!
    i'm already looking forward to my paris visit - although it'll only be for a short stop on our way to bretagne - i just have to figure out what to see during this short time! :)

    i do like visiting churches (they never stop amazing me with their architecture) but i'll never get this "catholic" habit of putting those coin machines and shops right inside... when sacre coeur is busy it just makes me wanna flee!

  2. oh dear Paris, I miss you...
    thanks for all the lovely photos ;)