Clean & Pure: hair spritz

Today I'm starting a new feature here on The Appleberry called Pure & Clean.
For the past year and a half I've been trying to replace more and more store bought products with homemade alternatives. Aside from spending a lot of money on things you might not even need, I was appaled by how many ingredients and chemicals I used on my hair and skin every single day.
We'll start with a handy little thing I use daily.

There's two things you should know about me that will absolutely justify why I need this.
First: I have very long, very thick, very stubborn hair.
Second: I work at an American Diner that serves fries.

For those of you who cannot quite make the connection: after work, I smell like a deep fryer.
Now I wash my hair about 2x a week because it's rather dry and I don't want to overwash.
What I was looking for was something that would make my hair smell fresh and clean but does not make it even more dry than it already is (which most perfumes would, due to the high alcohol content).

Here's what you'll need:
- a spray bottle
- 2 tbsp coconut oil
- 15-20 drops essential oils of your choice (I love fresh, flowery scents for summer, hence: citronella & jasmin)
-distilled water
-1 big drop shampoo (to dissolve the oils)

In your spray bottle, add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (this is much easier when the oil is warm and liquid), and essential oils. Fill the bottle with distilled water (but leave about 2cm empty) and then add a squeeze of your favourite shampoo. Now shake well.

You could substitute the coconut oil for some other oil of your choice (olive, argan, jojoba) and it would probably be a lot easier to make and use because most of the other oils aren't solid at room temperature like coconut oil is.
I chose coconut oil mainly for its scent, but it's no secret just how amazing this stuff is for you hair and I can deal with the constant shaking. I keep mine next to the window so the sun melts the oil anyway, but for winter, I would try and use something else (jojoba is really neutral in scent or almond oil which has a soft, sweet scent).

I use this all over my hair, but try not to get too much on the roots because it makes them a little greasy when used everyday. To be honest, at first the scent reminded me of Thai curry, then I added a few more drops of Jasmin oil and now it's perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this.

dog days are over

Guess who's back.

Although the temperature never quite dropped in this part of the world, it was a rough winter nontheless. There was grief, there was sadness and there was desperation.
But spring came along eventually, as it always does and suddenly the sun is shining again.

To recover, after we finally found a flat, moved and have our own place again, I decided it was time to go back to running. The first time was really frustrating, I could hardly run one lap and felt like my lungs were exploding afterwards. But the next day I could do four laps and the day after I managed five.
Now, six weeks later I run 6-8 kilometers four or five times a week and I feel so accomplished every time I beat my own best time.

A funny thing happens when you start to feel better in one place, suddenly everything starts to feel better. I am super motivated for university, I started making things again, I sewed a lot over the past weeks (and I will show you of course), even this weekend when I worked 28 hours in three days, it felt just fine.
I'm in balance again.
It's the best thing in the world.