The Muesli Girl

Last week I made fun of M because if it wasn't for me, he would eat pasta with pesto every single day of his life. And that is what he does, to be honest. When I eat at work, or when he comes home from work super late and we do not eat together, he makes pasta with pesto. This happens 5 days out of 7. So we go through pesto like crazy.

Anyway, I was making fun of him for this and he looks me dead in the eye and says "...Says the muesli girl!"

It's true. I am the Muesli Girl.
A day cannot be started without me having my muesli (and coffee). I feel feeble and weak when I don't have it. I will not lie to you, there were days when I ventured into the unknown and instead of muesli I had fruit salad, croissants or even bread for breakfast. Sometimes eggs. But nothing compares.(Nothing compaaares, to you!)
It's the milk, the crunch, the fresh fruit, the yogurt, the nuts. I mix in all of the things I love and it turns into something I love even more. Just like lasagna!

And then there's nostalgia. When I was small and spent the weekends with my Papa he would bring me breakfast to bed (because that is how awesome he was at doing the Dad-stuff) and it was always some variation of oatmeal or muesli with fresh fruit decoratively arranged on top. Sometimes with a little chocolate or cinnamon and it always tasted like being loved.

So everyday I start my day with muesli.
It's healthy, it gives me strength and makes me feel loved.
I bet you can't say that for pasta with pesto.

The Bechdel Test - misrepresentation in mainstream media

One of the videos that cannot be shared often enough, I haven't heard of this rating system before I saw her talking about it, but I think it's an actual eye-opener (it was for me and M, we tried to come up with movies and TV shows that pass the test and in the end never wanted to watch tv again).

The Bechdel test is about representation of women in mainstream media (my favourite topic) and it asks the following questions about movies/tv shows/games:

- are there at least TWO women present? (With actual names, you know, not just to look pretty in a room)

- do they talk to each other? (you will be surprised how many women in media do not talk to other women, because real friendship only exists for men, everyone knows, duh)

- do they talk about something other than men? (because that is all we have on our minds apparently, what else is there to talk about anyway, right?)

Only if all questions can be answered with a "Yes! Definitely!" the test is considered passed.
Really not that hard, is it?
You might think so now (probably because you ARE a woman and KNOW that you talk to other woman all the time about all kinds of things seeing as we have 99 problems but a dude ain't one). Talking women with names is normal. It's everyday life.
Apparently not in movies.
Aliens, zombies, alternate universes, time travel? Sure, everything mighty possible and normal in cinemas.
Two women talking about something that does not include a man? Unthinkable!!!

I sure do watch movies and tv shows differently now.


Instead of worrying 24/7 about what'll happen come September and how we will ever find a flat and OMG how will we move all our stuff and what if I won't get into university....
I decided it's summer, I should enjoy that.
So I'm still worrying half of the time but allow myself to spend the other half carefree!

So currently I am...

feeling:  both happy and sad about leaving my internship. On the one hand I am going to miss everyone and I hate saying goodbye, then again it means I am moving forward. Three more weeks of mixed feelings ahead!

busy with: drawing! Looking for a cheap hobby I turned to something I have neglected for the longest time. Drawing calms me down as I have to concentrate on details and get absolutely absorbed in it.
It also requires nothing but pencil, paper and patience, so extra points for that.
Yesterday I finally figured out how to draw noses and I was so proud of myself.


This parody of the extremely objectifying video for the song 'Blurred Lines'.
I love how it's making a point in a really funny and talented fashion. As sad as it is that we need to see it reversed to identify objectification, this is just awesome!
"It's our opinion that most attempts to show female objectification in the media by swapping the genders serve more to ridicule the male body than to highlight the extent to which women get objectified and do everyone a disservice. We made this video specifically to show a spectrum of sexuality as well as present both women and men in a positive light(...)"

planning: Last week I found these beautiful chairs in the bulky waste near our house. They are everything I want in a chair and more, I knew I had to have them. I am convinced the universe put them right there for me to finally find them. (Just like my bicycle)
So I texted M about them and how desperately I want chairs like these, have in fact dreamt of them forever and could never buy another chair if I can't have THOSE.
I am very lucky to have a boyfriend as fascinated with old, half-broken furniture as myself, so when he came home from work he got them for me!
I know sometimes I bring home some hopeless cases that will end up in the waste eventually, but you would have to be blind to not see the potential of these chairs.
I'm thinking bright yellow paint. And new pillowcases (although I have no idea how to make them without a sewing machine)!

excited about: We finally got an appointment to look at an apartment. It is absolutely impossible to find a flat in the new city it seems, we spent hours on various websites trying to find something affordable and central.
The place we'll be looking at is just temporary as the people who live there now go abroad for 6 months but that would at least give us some time to find a place we actually like.

wearing: I have been throwing on my stamped dress a lot lately, it's so breezy and comfortable and ever since I put some dots on, it doesn't feel boring at all anymore.
Also, yesterday I cut myself some bangs after catching up with season 2 of New Girl and feeling very inspired by Cece's & Jess' hair. In retrospect having bangs in summer when your forehead is sweating might not be the best idea but I like them. And it's nothing dry shampoo won't fix.

stuff I made: potato & cucumber stamping!

Imagine it's Sunday, you suddenly feel the urge to do something creative but all the DIY stuff you have saved in your pinterest board require something you do not have at hand. And shops are closed. Well, if that happens you gotta work with what you already have at home.

I came up with acrylic paint.
And potatoes.

The first thing I stamped was this shirt. I cut the shape with a regular, sharp kitchen knife, I'm sure there are more sophisticated and neat ways to go about this but I didn't go for a clean look anyway so this was fine for me.
Then I brushed the stamp with a thick layer of black paint. Easy enough and I like how it adds something special to a shirt I hardly ever wore before. And stamping was fun!
I wanted to stamp something more intricate and colorful,
I wanted to stamp everything!

I was so proud with how this napkin turned out that immediately I felt assured I should stamp even more. Maybe a dress? Sure why not, God knows I have enough dresses anyway I could ruin one easily without noticing.
I have never used this fancy gold paint before but I knew it would be good for something one day! To get perfectly round dots, instead of a wonky potato I used a cucumber. I love this one even more, it turned an old and boring dress into something unique and cute.
M. calls it the bubble tea dress.

Note: there are a lot of different fabric paints that would work just as well, probably even better. Acrylic paint gets rather stiff when it dries and might not work with really soft fabrics. When you want a soft print you should try a fabric paint.
This is absolutely washable after it dried for at least 24 hours.

One day in: Lugano (Switzerland)

Okay after the impressive view of the first day, I was slightly afraid everything after would be a bit disappointing. Compared to these huge mountains most things seem underwhelming.
Still, it was a big wish to finally see the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland: Ticino!
And Ticino was overwhelming.

We went to Lugano, located by the Lago di Lugano, a maze of little alleys, sandstone buildings, parks and full of flowers.
Who would have thought you could feel like being on a beach holiday in Switzerland?

To get there our train had to go through the famous Gotthard Passage, a tunnel right through the Alps, 15 km long and 1.8 km of pure mountain above you, it was so exciting. The best part of the trainride though was going through the canton of Uri.
Uri is all windy streets, mountain villages and really traditional Swiss living, scattered wood houses and rocks everywhere.

But when you get out of the Gotthardtunnel everything looks and feels like Italy with a little Switzerland mixed in. This country is so interesting, full of different cultures and traditions, three different languages and a history as interesting as the rest of Europe's. I am falling more and more in love with this quirky, messy, perfectly organized mountain nation.

We went to this beautiful park to have coffee, they had tables and carts full of books standing around on the lawn for you to pick up and read while enjoying the sun.
Afterwards we rented a pedal boat and floated over the lake for an hour until I got seasick and had to have an icecream. Yeah, I know, flawless logic.

On my last day off I ended up staying at home, watching TV all day. Because those days are crucial for every holiday, aren't they? So now I feel completely relaxed and ready to go to work again. Just one more month, I still can't believe it.

One day in: Luzern (Switzerland)

My second day through Switzerland was spend alone because M had to work and as we got back home rather late the day before, I decided to chose a destination not quite as far away.
So I went to the station and looked at the timetables and there it said "Luzern".
Of course I had heard of Luzern, I mean, the name anyway but I had no idea what to expect. The ride only took about 1,5 hours so I figured if it sucked I just go somewhere else.

I mean it's beautiful. The architecture, the lake, the surrounding view. But when I thought Grindelwald was touristy, holy cactus, this was a whole other level of touristy. I imagine Luzern must have been a regular city at some point but now it's just shops. Either all the expensive designer labels or kitchy souvenir shops. I walked around for a bit but then decided to take a boat trip (which was free with my 3-day railway pass booya!) to get away.

If you know nothing about Switzerland, it can be summed up in 3 words: lakes, mountains and cows.
No matter where you go you will find one of these three things for sure if not all of them (and if there are all of them it's an indicator you're at a really beautiful place!)

You might have noticed the lack of pictures of my face. Well, as I said I was alone and I don't really know how to take pictures of myself without the camera falling down or bringing my tripod.

One day in: Grindelwald (Switzerland)

Being short on time and money, big holidays are something very far away right now, instead we invested in some train tickets, packed our homemade sandwiches and were on our way to explore Switzerland.
I definitely wanted to see some mountains, I have been living here for 6 months and haven't seen a single mountain up close, people started to laugh at me.

We chose Grindelwald, a small village in the canton of Bern, it is located right beneath the Jungfrau, one of the more well-known mountains in the Swiss Alps (at least I have heard of it before).

The town is lovely and charming and literally full of tourists, even in summer. I also enjoyed the train ride because it took us through some rustic villages with traditional houses, beautiful landscapes and along a pretty lake. However, the highlight of that day (and perhaps my entire year, let's be real here) was the view we got, after we took the cable cars.

Before I show you, just a few words on cable cars. I was delighted at the idea of taking a cozy ride up 1.000 metres to see the Alps, actually it was my idea, I really was.
Then I stepped in to this cabin made of glass and a few strings, and all was well and good until it started moving. I am very scared of heights and being locked in a tiny little bubble hanging from a string going up some mountains is not comfortable. Quick tip: don't ever get on a cable car with me.
Still, it was so worth it, look at my face when I exited my torture chamber...

Because after being scared as shit for 30 minutes straight, I was greeted with this view:

Maybe it was the adrenaline, the sudden change of temperature, the height or the light air, but I was very happy up there and felt a little, you know, high. So let's all take a second to enjoy my own personal "The Sound of Music" -moment:

Let's cook: Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies

 Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies (makes 4-5 cookies):
40g butter
20g brown sugar
40g flour
20g oatmeal
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp milk
around 10 raspberries

I love oatmeal cookies, they remind me of Ikea and breakfast, their texture is ridiculously good, being both soft and crunchy. You can make more cookies by adjusting the recipe but I found the more cookies I make, the more cookies I eat and then I get sick because of too much sugar.

In these pictures you can spot a DIY project I'm actually very proud of,, whooo!

the F-word.

I was a naive piece of poop in the past. I was in denial about all the sexism, racism and ableism that was going on everywhere around me. I was blind. Even blind to all the privilege I have.
This has changed quite a lot over the past years thanks to the internet and some really smart friends I have.

Today I read an article on how feminists should stop being so angry. On how they achieved most of their goals anyway and how their frustration just drives potential male supporters away. That feminists should start be cooler and let equality institute itself in society.
Of course this was written by a white male.
 I almost felt pitty for that poor soul, but guess what? It made me even more angry.
And I should be very angry.

I need feminism because men still seem to think they have a right to talk about how I should feel and behave.

I need feminism because I acknowledge that people are different from each other in culture, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, class, size and many other things, but they should be treated equally.

I need feminism because equality will not come without fighting for it.

The past few days have been a poop-parade of ignorance in my life so I had to rant. I am far from eloquent or well-informed enough to write about the matter in adequate fashion.
 However there are many fantastic, eloquent people who write about the subject and really make you think and reconsider so please, if you havent already, inform yourself!
Here are some links I found very helpful.

Who needs feminism? An organization about letting people define feminism for themselves

Male privilege including a checklist, written by a man! And it's good!

The white privilege checklist the article above refers to, a fantastic read!

How to be an ally to a marginalized group of people when you are privileged

A jezabel article on why such a thing as "misandry" doesn't exist

The Miss Representation trailer - how women are portrayed in today's media

Newest Miss Representation Trailer (2011 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection) from Miss Representation on Vimeo.

And last but not least a video about gender equality and gender roles with a focus on masculinity.